March 4, 2019  

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Measure to Protect Families on Boats Passes the House

The Minnesota Family Protection Act Closes Loophole in Boat Insurance

that Excludes Family Members


ST. PAUL, MN -- The Minnesota Family Protection Act, to remove the ‘family exclusion’ loophole in boat liability insurance and umbrella policies so family members will be covered under their boat policies, passed the floor of the House of Representatives on February 28 by a 70 to 54 vote.

The legislation, House File 476 which was sponsored by Representative Zach Stephenson (DFL) District 36A, will remove the ‘family exclusion’ language that currently exists in the fine print of most boat owners’ insurance policies that eliminates family members and resident relatives from being covered in case of an accident on the family boat. Currently, only nonfamily members are covered under those policies.

“This is a true victory for all boaters in Minnesota who enjoy spending time with their families on our many beautiful lakes,” said Rep. Stephenson. “Today we not only make families safer in their boats on the water, but we have restored coverage that many Minnesotans thought they already had, and certainly deserve to have in their boat owner policies.”

The bill, first introduced by a bipartisan group of legislators in March 2018, mirrors language included in a statute that has been in place since 1974 covering Minnesota family members in automobiles. 

“I’d like to thank my colleagues for supporting the Minnesota Family Protection Act and look forward to seeing it move on to the Senate,” Stephenson said. “We urge Minnesotans to reach out to their Senator and encourage them to push this bill past its final hurdle to ensure protection for the 810,000 boat owners and their families.”

For additional information go to the Minnesota Family Protection Act digital press kit.

In addition to Rep. Stephenson, house co-authors included:

  • Rep. Nick Zerwas (30A, R) (also bill sponsor)
  • Rep. Laurie Halverson (51B, DFL)
  • Rep. Ruth Richardson (52B, DFL)
  • Rep. Tim Mahoney (67A, DFL)
  • Rep. John Lesch (66B, DFL)
  • Rep. Ryan Winkler (46A, DFL)
  • Rep. Andrew Carlson (50B, DFL)
  • Rep. Leon Lillie (43B, DFL)
  • Rep. Michael Howard (50A, DFL)
  • Rep. Raymond Dehn (59B, DFL)
  • Rep. Melissa Hortman (36B, DFL)
  • Rep. Mike Sundin (11A, DFL)
  • Rep. Ginny Klevorn (44A, DFL)


The following House Members voted yes for HF 476: 

  • Rep. Patty Acomb (44B, DFL)
  • Rep. Kristin Bahner (34B, DFL)
  • Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn (42B, DFL)
  • Rep. Connie Bernardy (41A, DFL)
  • Rep. Robert Bierman (57A, DFL)
  • Rep. Hunter Cantrell (56A, DFL)
  • Rep. Michelle Christensen (39B, DFL)
  • Rep. Anne Claflin (54A, DFL)
  • Rep. John Considine (19B, DFL)
  • Rep. Jim Davnie (63A, DFL)
  • Rep. Steve Elkins (49B, DFL)
  • Rep. Peter Fischer (43A, DFL)
  • Rep. Mike Freiberg (45B, DFL)
  • Rep. Pat Garofalo (58B, R)
  • Rep. Aisha Gomez (62B, DFL)
  • Rep. Rick Hansen (52A, DFL)
  • Rep. Hodan Hassan (62A, DFL)
  • Rep. Alice Hausman (66A, DFL)
  • Rep. Kaohly Her (64A, DFL)
  • Rep. Frank Hornstein (61A, DFL)
  • Rep. John Huot (57B, DFL)
  • Rep. Erin Koegel (37A, DFL)
  • Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn (48B, DFL)
  • Rep. Kunesh-Podein (41B, DFL)
  • Rep. Fue Lee (59A, DFL)
  • Rep. Tina Liebling (26A, DFL)
  • Rep. Ben Lien (04A, DFL)
  • Rep. Todd Lippert (20B, DFL)
  • Rep. Dave Lislegard (06B, DFL)
  • Rep. Diane Loeffler (60A, DFL)
  • Rep. Jamie Long (61B, DFL)
  • Rep. Alice Mann (56B, DFL)
  • Rep. Carlos Mariani (65B, DFL)
  • Rep. Sandra Masin (51A, DFL)
  • Rep. Kelly Moller (42A, DFL)
  • Rep. Rena Moran (65A, DFL)
  • Rep. Kelly Morrison (33B, DFL)
  • Rep. Mary Murphy (03B, DFL)
  • Rep. Michael V. Nelson (40A, DFL)
  • Rep. Mohamud Noor (60B, DFL)
  • Rep. Liz Olson (07B, DFL)
  • Rep. John Persell (05A, DFL)
  • Rep. Dave Pinto (64B, DFL)
  • Rep. Laurie Pryor (48A, DFL)
  • Rep. Steve Sandell (53B, DFL)
  • Rep. Julie Sandstede (06A, DFL)
  • Rep. Duane Sauke (25B, DFL)
  • Rep. Jennifer Schultz (07A, DFL)
  • Rep. Brad Tabke (55A, DFL)
  • Rep. Samantha Vang (40B, DFL)
  • Rep. Jean Wagenius (63B, DFL)
  • Rep. Ami Wazlawik (38B, DFL)
  • Rep. Dan Wolgamott (14B, DFL)
  • Rep. Jay Xiong (67B, DFL)
  • Rep. Tou Xiong (53A, DFL)
  • Rep. Cheryl Youakim (46B, DFL)

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